Figure DAO is a decentralized community middleware between the Foundations of leading L1/L2s and their project pipelines. Proudly working with ETH, BSC SmartChain, Arbitrum, for interchain future.

Interchain incubator DAO & DeFi Powerhouse

Figure DAO is the next-generation protocol for decentralized fundraising. It will enable projects to raise funds, with one of the most diverse type of profiles in the market.

Why Figure DAO?

Mythology and history play a huge part in our ecosystem, and we wanted to reflect this across our offering. The idea of Figure DAO, that the simplest solution is usually the right path, is closely aligned with the simplicity and utility of Figure components. But why Figure DAO? As our raise platform and launchpad, we wanted to work with the play-on-words of raising capital, while also reflecting the idea that crypto DeFi ecosystem will raze others that preceded it - building new from the old, that is Figure DAO.

What does Figure DAO bring to the table?

Our proposition is a simple one. We want to assist every project that seeks initial investments for taking off to do it in the most efficient way. That efficiency is not limited to a unique fundraising profile, but is maintained throughout every single alternative we provide. With Figure DAO, projects will be able to raise funds in a swift and low-cost manner, without disregarding current DEX fundraising shortcomings. We face head on extreme volatility, front-running, and other unaccounted intricacies of the fundraising process. Our RegTech and compliance toolbox allows us to provide an entire novel user experience.
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