Where by native yield for staking native chain coins are exchanged for project tokens. Projects get block-by-block financing, stakers are free to unstake at any moment.

Figure - Launchpad

Figure DAO Launchpad is a launch pad for cryptocurrency projects. It allows selected projects to be launched on the platform, allowing users to purchase tokens from those projects. The platform uses artificial intelligence to get a better evaluation of projects to be selected and aims to provide an easier and more accessible way for users to participate in the launch of new projects and engage with the cryptocurrency community.

Figure - Incubator

Figure DAO incubates projects in their early stages, providing resources and support to help them grow and develop. In addition to providing our platform for launching projects, which may include additional services such as mentoring, legal advice, marketing support and technical resources.
We have a rigorous project selection process, selecting only those that have the potential to stand out in the cryptocurrency market. Once selected, projects are incubated for a set period of time, during which time they receive guidance and resources to help them grow and achieve their goals.
This is a great way for budding cryptocurrency projects to gain traction and visibility, as well as help them establish valuable connections within the cryptocurrency community.