In order to make the experience of incorporating all the moving pieces of the ecosystem as seamless and convenient for projects/users/community as possible, we have carefully developed a roadmap that will slowly incorporate all the building blocks and ultimately provide the new BSC/ETH liquidity exponentiated ecosystem.

Phase 1

During the first Phase, we plan to release Figure DAO - FDAO on the Binance Smart chain mainnet with its core features - fixed price pools, FDAO token staking for pool access, and liquidity mining. We began working on Phase I and Phase II deliverables almost 1 months ago.

Phase 2

Throughout the second Phase, our intent is to release the full set of features for Figure DAO, enabling a much more flexible fundraising process as well as deeper integration of the FDAO token’s utility, we also expect to release Figure DAO on the Ethereum mainnet during this time. In parallel, we will collaborate with our business partners (centralized exchanges and wallets) towards building a BSC-Ethereum bridge which will allow anyone to deposit, trade, and withdraw FDAO as either Ethereum and BSC native token.

Phase 3

While we believe that Figure DAO will be launched on the ETH mainnet in Q2 2023, we want to reserve sufficient room for development as we will have to code from scratch the entire smart contract codebase in the new layer 2 Arbitrum. Figure DAO should be launched on the Arbitrum mainnet and development on BSC/ETH and Arbitrum is to follow.

Phase 4

In this phase, we expect to deploy the DAO governance solution into all networks and bridge all together.
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